Foundation Subjects

What are the Foundation Subjects?

The National Curriculum states that foundation subjects are: 

Art and Design, Personal, Social and Health Education including Citizenship, Computing and IT, Design and Technology, Modern Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Music and P.E. 

They differ to the core subjects of: English, Maths, Science and R.E which are explored in further detail. 

Even though foundation subjects are not explored as thoroughly as the core subjects, they are still important because they introduce students to a wide variety of skills and knowledge.

Art and Design

This foundation subject is a great way to encourage creativity in the classroom. The children at Cusgarne School will experiment and learn how to draw, paint, sculpt and explore other art and design techniques. 


At Cusgarne we know that an essential skill the children need to learn and be confident in, is I.T. (Information Technology).  We teach concepts such as: algorithm, simple programming, reasoning, sequence and selection in a way that engages our pupils to prepare them to participate in a rapidly changing world.

Design and Technology

The children are given the opportunity to engage in practical problems and develop their skills, knowledge and confidence in designing and creating functional products relating to real world challenges. 


Geography is an important foundation subject as it sparks interest and fascination for children about the world around them. The children learn about the world through: comparing locations, investigating, writing and talking about places; including being responsible citizens when thinking about local, national and global challenges to our world.


Music is a great foundation subject for allowing the children to express themselves using their voices. They experiment by combining sounds using instruments and inter-related dimensions of music. The children are encouraged to sing every day at Cusgarne.