Extra-curricular Clubs

The school aims to provide an education that is much broader than the requirements of the National Curriculum. One of the ways in which this is achieved is through extra-curricular activities and peripatetic teaching.

The weekly newsletter will let you know the clubs that will be running so please have a look.

At Cusgarne we offer a wide variety of clubs. Some of those offered in the past and at present include football, craft, dance, drum practice, recorder groups (groups at different ability levels), guitar, cookery, knitting and athletics. These clubs are run chiefly by members of the teaching staff, but may also include volunteer and parent help at different times during the year.

We welcome the offer from parents and the wider community of any activity that will be of interest to the children.

All classes provide offsite Educational Activity days to support their learning. An annual school camp is organised for pupils in upper Key Stage 2—this alternates between a ‘city’ type visit and an adventurous, outward bound activity.

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